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International Star Registry <sup>®</sup>: Name a Star

Thank You Gift - Name a Star

From your best friend, your parents, your spouse, to your mentor or teacher, there are some people in life that do so much and ask for so little. It can be difficult to know how to thank them. To give these important people something truly special and show them how much they mean to you, name a star to say thank you. When you name a star after the important people in your life, you can show them how immense their role in your life is and how much you think about them.

Stars have been used as guides for centuries, leading generation after generation in the right direction. This makes a star the perfect thank you gift for the people in your life that helped you through difficult times, leads you in the right direction, or taught you important things. When you name a star to say thank you, you can give the recipient the official documentation showing which star is theirs, a star chart to find the star in the sky, and a frame to complete the gift package.

Whenever your friend, mentor or loved one sees their star, whether in the frame on their wall or in the night sky, they will know they have made a difference in your life. Select a star as a thank you gift today and give a special person an unforgettable gift.

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