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100th Birthday Gift

100th Birthday

The International Star Registry wants to give you a gift like no other. We know that often times, the question of what to get someone for their birthday arises can be a difficult one to answer. The older we get, the harder it is to come up with a gift that is personable and perfect. Most gifts are necessities and rarely speak to the person on a meaningful level. Give something special by naming a star after them.

Turning 100 is a milestone that so many people never reach, and in recognition of this very special birthday, we offer a special package for the few lucky people who happen to be joining to ranks of centenarians. Spending 10 decades on planet Earth is a huge accomplishment – the places such a long-lived individual has been and the events that they’ve seen in their lifetime are incredible and worth celebrating. There is no better way to immortalize a loved one who has enjoyed such rich life experience than by allowing them to see their name live on in the stars.

The International Star Registry can make that happen with our affordable star-naming kits and packages. Since 1979 we have been naming stars for many different types of people, including the true stars celebrating they’re spectacular milestone birthdays. Celebrate your loved one’s 100th birthday by giving them a beautiful shimmering star of their own.

We offer many different packages and star naming kits to celebrate loved ones and friends of any age. To learn more about naming a star for your family member or companion, as well as details about our custom-engraved jewelry, star charts and other accessories to make your gift even more special, call us today at 800-282-3333. Return to last page

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