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Remembrance Gifts

Remembrance Gifts

Losing someone you love is devastating and represents an ending of a chapter in your life shared with someone who was truly special to you. However, one way to help you and your loved ones remember the good times and to honor the memory of that special person is to name a star after the one you lost. Naming a star as a memorial gift for someone who has passed can be a very moving remembrance gift – a way for you to keep a piece of that person around forever.

When you look up at the night sky, you can find the star that you named after that person you loved and remember the good times you had together. That star will live on for years and years, just as the memory of the person who is no longer with you lives on inside those who loved him or her, and naming a star as a memorial gift allows you to have an easy-to-see reminder that helps connect you and your memories to your loved one forever.

Naming a star after someone can be a beautiful remembrance gift for those you care about who may be grieving. Unlike flowers or cards, a star is a gift that can be enjoyed for generations. Your grieving loved ones can be comforted by the special star, and they will receive a beautiful colored personalized star certificate and star chart that helps them to find the special star in the sky.

To name a star after someone you have lost, check out our options online or give International Star Registry a call today at 800-282-3333. Return to last page

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