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18th Birthday Gift - Buy Now

18th Birthday Gift - Buy them the Stars

The 18th birthday is the one that separates the kids from the adults. But what do you get the 18 year-old on that special day? International Star Registry ® has an interesting choice, 18th Birthday Star Kits! The 18th Birthday Star Kit is a gift that speaks to the young emerging adult, pointing them into a direction of where they should striving to reach -- the stars. At this time in their life a lot is changing; it’s a pivotal time. They are making the shift from child to adult so an 18th birthday is extremely important because it marks the beginning of their adult life and the end of childhood. Help mark this special day as more than a landmark. Mark it in the sky. International Star Registry ®’s 18th Birthday Star Kits are incredible gifts easily bought online.

International Star Registry ® Gift Certificate

If you can't decide on a star name, then let the birthday man or woman choose the name and star date with an International Star Registry ® gift certificate. 18th Birthday Gift Each gift certificate includes everything they will need to name their place in the cosmos. Gift certificates can be printed immediately after order is paid so your shopping is done without even leaving your home. In a Hurry? You can print out your own gift certificate immediately after your order is paid for! Choose from:
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