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Christmas Gift

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas from Star Registry ®

Christmas Gift, Santa and Stories

The origin of Christmas gift giving traditions stem from many different cultures. Santa or as the Dutch say Sinte Klaas has played a significant gift giving role in Christmas.

Santa is known to children around the world. Christmas giftyou Santa and stories about Old St. Nick detail donations of gold coins to those in need. Other stories describe Santa as one who loved all children and anonymously placed a Christmas gift through a window in their house. Some believe this story eventually evolved into current beliefs about Santa entering via the chimney.

FAQs about Naming a Star as a Christmas Gift from International Star Registry ®

1. How many Stars have you named?
Star Registry ® has named over two million charted stars after our clients loved ones. We have been in business since 1979.

2. Can I have my Christmas gift framed?
Yes, your International Star Registry ® certificate can be framed. We offer three different kits and the option of an instant gift certificate.

3. Help I need a Christmas gift now!
Did you wait until the last minute? We know the feeling and sometimes it is just hard to find "that something special." Well, you are in luck! International Star Registry ® specializes in gifts for all occasions. We recently started offering Star Registry ® Gift Certificates. Each gift certificate includes everything they will need to name their place in the cosmos. So if you can't decide on a star name, let the recipient choose the perfect name.

4. I would prefer to order a Christmas gift via the phone?
No problem, call toll us free at 1-800-282-3333 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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