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What's my Birthstone?

What's my Birthstone?

Check out the list below if you are wondering, What’s my Birthstone? Every birthday month has its own unique Meanings, Gemstones, and Birthday Month Flowers. Knowing a person’s birthday month can tell you a lot about them, including their specific traits and qualities. Whether or not you believe in birthday meanings, picking out a gift based around a person’s birthday month is certainly a special way to let them know you care.

Imagine choosing a birthday gift based on your friend or loved one’s birthday flowers, meanings, or gemstones. What a great gift! People love knowing that a present has been chosen just for them, and they’ll be ever more touched when they find out about the meaning behind their gift.

Contact International Star Registry today to pick out the perfect gift for your family member of friend. Our friendly staff is available to help you and answer any questions.

Your gemstone: Garnet
Your flower: Snowdrop
Your colors: Black, dark red and dark blue
Qualities: Natural Leader, Strong and Powerful
Favorite constellation for viewing: Orion

Your gemstone: Amethyst
Your flower: Iris
Your colors: Purple, yellow, and light blue
Qualities: Peaceful and Harmonious, Considerate
Favorite constellation for viewing: Monoceros

Your gemstone: Aquamarine
Your flower: Daffodil
Your colors: White and light blue
Qualities: Outgoing, cheerful, great sense of humor
Favorite constellation for viewing: Canis Minor

Your gemstone: Diamond
Your flower: Sweet Pea
Your colors: Yellow and red
Qualities: Trustworthy, Helpful and Steady
Favorite constellation for viewing: Leo Minor or Hydra

Your gemstone: Emerald
Your flower: Lily of the Valley
Your colors: Yellow, red, and green
Qualities: Unique, Creative and Adaptable
Favorite constellation for viewing: Centaurus or Coma Berenices

Your gemstone: Pearl
Your flower: Rose
Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream
Qualities: Peaceful and Harmonious, Gentle
Favorite constellation for viewing: Bo÷tes

Your gemstone: Ruby
Your flower: Larkspur
Your colors: Green and red
Qualities: Introspective and Intense, Deep Thinker
Favorite constellation for viewing: Hercules

Your gemstone: Peridot
Your flower: Poppy
Your colors: Orange, red, and light green
Qualities: Ambitious and Strong, Brave
Favorite constellation for viewing: Lyra or Cassiopeia

Your gemstone: Sapphire
Your flower: Morning Glory
Your colors: Brown and deep blue
Qualities: Tolerant and Inspirational, Great Humanitarian
Favorite constellation for viewing: Cygnus

Your gemstone: Tourmaline
Your flower: Cosmos
Your colors: White and yellow
Qualities: Natural Leader, Strong and Powerful
Favorite constellation for viewing: Pegasus

Your gemstone: Citrine
Your flower: Chrysanthemum
Your colors: Dark blue, red, and yellow
Qualities: Tolerant and inspirational, Sympathetic
Favorite constellation for viewing: Andromeda

Your gemstone: Blue Topaz
Your flower: Narcissus
Your colors: Indigo, green, and blue-green
Qualities: Outgoing, Cheerful and Blessed with a Great Sense of Humor
Favorite constellation for viewing: Perseus

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