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FedEx no long guarantees delivery of 2-day shipping.
Aaron - It was awesome! I had it framed at Michael's it turn out awesome!
Adrianne - I bought Stars for my Son and his son when they were baptised on the same day.
Aleia - I was impressed by how beautiful, thorough, and professional it was. My grandson LOVED it!
Aleksandra - sebastian is the twinkle in my eye... it is only appropriate that we name a star after him :-).
Alene - impressive
Alex - This was a one-time Christmas gift. I probably will not go back until next holiday season, but the process was easy to follow and the supplemental gifts we got in the mail were great additions.
Alfredo - Absolutely perfect! Thank you!
Alice - Great Professional Service!!!
Alina - Fast Shipping!!
Allison - Lovely present to give someone..my husband loved it! Thank you!
Alura - I think it is a wonderful service. My Mom was so touched by the star we bought for my late father and the one we bought for her in the same constellation.
Amanda - I absolutely love this idea!!! I knew as soon as my lil stars were born they were getting their own star- I could not be more satisfied!!!
Amber - they deliver quickly and the documents are nice and legible and great big size.
Amber - my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby and this is my baby shower gift!!! i think its such a great idea
Amy -  I have given stars to many peope in my life. They all think that there star is so cool. I am shure that I will give many more to others and now I can have one for my self. Thanks for making this possible.
Amy - I got this for my son for valentines day and he gave me lots of points for originality
Amy - I'm giving both of the Star Registries as wedding gifts this year - a great, different gift to be remembered!
Andrew - Easy to purchase and arrived on time. Good service.
Angel -  Both of my girls have 1 each. My youngest loves science and stars. It has been good for her. Thanks
Angela - Easy to use and very fast delivery
Angela - It is awesome!
Angeleah - Really great! The certificate is beautiful. My 4 year old niece loved it. She said, "I want to go there!"
Angeleah - I bought this as a gift for my boss, who thinks he's a super star. He loved it!
Anne - LOVE IT!!!! Very well done and special :)
Annemarie - i am buying every one i love a star.....
Ann-Kristin - I purchased this as a gift to my husband-to-be on our wedding day. First off it was a great deal! Plus I'm giving him something so special, the item shipped fairly quickly, contained everything it was supposed to include; I love it!
Anonymous - My Dad passed away a year ago and it has been extremely difficult, this was a way to remember him and honor him on the year anniversary. I purchased this and my and I did this together, it meant so much to her and everything that went along with this deal is awesome! We will be framing the certificate. It will be like my Dad is up there watching over us! Thank you!
Anthony - Makes a great gift!
Anthony - Unique and awesome idea
Arlene - Very pleased with the product.
Ashley - Wonderful gift!
Austin - Great for what it is. A good gift for anyone who likes stars, astronomy, or outer space in general.
Baldemar - Great, fast service!!
Barbara - This was even better than my expectations! Excellent quality - excellent deal.
Barbara - The certificate is beautiful - parchment and gold that looks hand painted. Very authentic! Too large for a regular frame but I put it in a floating glass frame with the star map on the back.
Barbara - it was a fun thing to do
Barbara - Grandson enjoys that he has a star named for him.
Batel - Great deal, Great gift!
Beth - Loved this opportunity to work with the International Star Registry!
Beth - Great customer service! Laura was very helpful. I purchased 5 and intend to buy more.
Beth - great gift idea!
Bethany - Excellent! Love the paperwork that comes for the star!
Bette - Love the way you get the lay out. Great site.
Bette - The service was fast. Very
Betty - gave a 'star' as a present ... recipient loved it
Bianka - There pretty cool a certificate & a map of where exactly the star is.
Bradley - This was so awesome. I am forever immortalized.
Branden - I just named a star for my girl friend i love very very much.
Brandie - My little nephew loved it...thank you so much
Brian - Easy transaction.
Brittany - i just woke up this morning and surprise i have a star named after me.
Camille - "I'm so happy to have purchased a star for my niece, she loved it! "
Candee - This was a unique gift for my brother who has been an astronomy photographer for many years but now has a brain tumor. The certificate is mostly 'honorary' since I am not sure any real body recognizes these names for any official purpose. It just seemed a fitting gift.
Carla - bought it for my mother's birthday. She loved the gift!
Carol - My husband bought me one and we bought our grandchild one, so we are forever visible.
Carol - Last night our 10 year old grandson lost his other grand father. This man was a gentle, devoted grandfather who dearly loved his family. In trying to come up with a way of honoring him, for Coles sake, Cassie came across this star idea. Once a star is named, they never rename it and it goes into a registry. She named the star "Rollie's Love". Cole will have a framed star chart with the star circled in red and the coordinates to locate it. He will also have a framed certificate with the star name on it. Now, when he looks at that star he will forever be reminded of the light his "Unca" brought to his life.
Carol - Great new baby gift.
Carrie - just got a star from my daddy. george marceline
Catherine - Great family gift. Items received were of really great quality.
Catherine - We did one for a friend and for my neice who got married...love the idea!
Cathy - A wonderful co-worker got me one for my birthday. who says we are to old to enjoy this....I love it...
Cedric - After reading all these great comments, remembering a scene from: A Walk To Remember" & heard about this ad on 93Q. Made me think, this is what I should do next time... name a star, after someone special.
Cesar - Fantastic
Chaosgod - great product & deal, easy order & checkout, quick processing & delivered prior to deadline date. :)
Charrity - My sister loved it! Thanks so much!!!
Chelsey - My father really liked this gift
Cheryl - I just named a star for my 5th grandson. He recieved it as a gift for his first Christmas. This is really cool. Thinking about doing it for the other 4 grandsons!!!
Cheryl - I purchased three of them and gave one to each of my grandchildren. I just thought it was so cool.
Chris - Fun novelty.
Christina - Would recommend. Nicely done.
Christina - Great deal
Christina -  I celebrated my son's birth with a star for him :)
Christine - Still have our certificate and map framed on our wall from 2005 :)
Christine - I was trying to figure out the best gift to give to my daughter for Christmas. And I came across. The ISR. And thought OMG. How cool would it b. to have her own star named after her.
Christopher - Great value and was a big hit.
Cindy - Loved the kit that came in the mail. Very quick and efficient. The map where our star is was my favorite part or the package.
Cindy - These are amazing. I did one of these for Geo and Ninas dad. 
Clare - It was an amazing gift to buy my husband. We have already located his star in the sky:)
Clayton - East transaction. My niece absolutely loved it as her birthday gift.
Colleen - Can't wait to give it to my nephew.
Connie - Great ..love it
Connie - Really awesome to be able to name a star :) they were very fast with their response time. The certificate and included info adds a lot of substance to the whole concept.
Craig - Not "official", but still worth the price. The memories and discussion that goes along with it is priceles.
Craig - shannon and craig now own our very own star and i will be able to buy my own comet and a few more stars.thanks for the memories and more to come!!!!
Curtis - I named a Group of 2 Stars for my parents 50th Wedding Anv. Can't wait to give it to them next week...
Cynthia - This was really a good deal! THANKS!
Cynthia - So very prompt and accurate!
Daniel - awesomundo deal.
Danielle - I got a star years ago.. From my lover, Still trying to find it in the sky =)
Danika - Naming a star is a GREAT gift for a baby's 1st birthday! So special!
Danika - Naming a star is a beautiful gift to celebrate a baby's first birthday
Darlene - Quick service, received exactly what I ordered.
Dawn - "awesome!"
Dawn - It was one of the best gifts I ever recieved for a star lover like me!!
Debbie - I want to buy more!
Debbie - Did it for my granddaughter and my daughter in law was absolutely thrilled! A very unique gift.
Debby - It was a gift for a friend. He loved it.
Deborah -  Ivy's Twinkle.... was for my granddaughter.
Deborah - i did this for my husband. it was pretty cool
Denise - Mine is located right under Orions left armpit;-)Thus is such a wonderful gift that I received from my children....12/25/1999
Dennis - I got my babys hers 4 her b day cause shes my star that guides me !! Love u babygirl
Desiree - My husband bought me a star as a wedding gift (10 years ago). He named it after us. Pretty sweet. That's just the kinda guy he is. ;-)
Diane - I have previously gifted someone special with a star. The uniqueness of the idea is brilliant!...just like the stars.
Dianne - I gave my grandaughter,Tiffany, a star for her confirmation.what more heavenly gift than a star from the heaven's above...it's beautifully framed and hanging in her room...the star is Tiffany Marie Angelica Rose...
Dixie - "Love the stars. Great Gifts, great memories"
Dixie - I got one for each granddaughter the day they were born! Awesome gift
Dorothe - I did this for Jamie in 2011. Love the idea.
Dorothy - I did this for my grandson ...pretty cool gift
DVC - Great present for my little girl. She was in partial shock when I told her she now had her "own" star.
Dylan - Easy website flow. Instructions were clear and concise. Fast shipping. Spectacular results!
Edward - My wife loved it -- for once she was speechless ---- great gift
Eilene - Great website..Gave to pople who have lost a loved one and they were so happy with their stars...Will buy again
Elaine - Recommended it to friends. My grandkids loved the idea of a star named after them. The certificate and chart showing where the stars were far exceeded my expectations.
Elizabeth - It was great! Fast turn around time and a very unique gift. I also ordered the star ornament and that was very nicely done as well.
Elizabeth - The certificate was on very nice paper and there were some informational leaflets showing where the star is. I bought them as gifts, and think the recipients will LOVE them!
Elizabeth - My husband is a hobby astronomer and LOVED this gift for his birthday. We have everything we need so this was especially nice! At his party, our friends were amazed and thought it was fantastic!
Elizabeth - It was great! Fast turn around time and a very unique gift. I also ordered the star ornament and that was very nicely done as well.
Ellen - Love the certificate that comes with it to be framed!
Ellen - This is for my Grandaughter. She is my shining star and she has a real star
Emily - I'm so excited to give a star to my best friend as a going away present for college. We've been neighbors for 14 years! Named it after us and our other best friend and neighbor; Grace is my gem in the sky :)
Erick - Everyone needs to do this easy to do.....
Erin - Quick shipping and very nice looking certificate!
Erin - It made a really great gift for a sky-gazer!
Etta - my mom loved the gift, we looked at it together online and it was amazing
Evangelina - Thank you!
Eve - It was a wonderful birthday gift for my husband, who has always wanted to be an astronaut, but alas, he gets motion-sick easily. This was the next best thing. He loved it!
Facebook - VERY nice gift!
Facebook - Very professional looking certificate!!
Facebook - I love the star registry
Frank - I used it for a xmas gift that was VERY much loved
Frank - "This is a great way to remember someone by and to let others know the love you have so I would just like to say thank you. This was in memory of my son that passed away just a few min. After being born. Thank you Frank Martin"
Gina - Expeditiously shipped and packaging was perfect! A beautiful certificate of authenticity included with constellation map. Love this!
Gloria - It really was great! They sent certificate (for that specific star), a map to find it's location in the right area, and other stuff the budding astronomer found interesting. So, yes, I'll be back for my next star.
Gwen - My children had so much fun that I bought one for every child in my sons class. They also had a blast!
Hannah - Everything was beautiful! Exactly as described and easy to order!
Heather - The perfect gift for my son who is an amateurs astronomer
Heather - very prompt and pretty diagrams.
Heidi - Great Christmas gift. Thumbs up.
Heidi - I'm so excited to give my husband "Our" star tonight. I never know what to get him for his birthday (being it's so close to Christmas, but "YEA" I did it! This is a great gift idea, and quite romantic too!! Wish me luck!!
Helene - Really cool gift. My friend LOVED getting a star named after him! :)
Hollis - I bought a star for one of the most deserving, hardest working, dedicated, loving, compassionate, sane and well adjusted person I may ever know ...And when the world ends if we have the technology....we have a place to stay!
Hope - Bought this for our 11-yr-old who is enthralled with the stars and constellations. She loves it and we have had a wonderful time trying to pinpoint her star. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Ingrid - Just got a star named after me. A very romantic and unforgettable gesture. I love it!
Irene - FAST! Great presents for family and friends!!!
Jacqui - I wish I had named a star for John sooner. The map is pretty cool.
Jacynthe - I think this is the greatest thing invented :)
Jagdeep - Its a really cool gift idea.
James - Looks good. I bought it for my daughter and a telescope so she could see it. They should partner with a telescope company for that same reason.
Jana - Awesome!!! Thank you!!!
Jana - Very fast! Love the star registry. Looks great
Janet - Great customer service! My 6 year old grandson was so awed to know there's a star out there named after him. His envious sister doesn't know that she, too, is getting one for her 9th birthday in a few days. (-=
janet - I bought a star for both of my grandchildren. I've only given one so far. The other child is hoping she'll get one for her b-day, too! She already has an astronomy app on her iPad. It will be a perfect addition! (-=
Janis - It was a perfect graduation present! Thank you!
Jannell - my husband got me a star for my birthday this year. He has always called me his shining star. I was very surprised to get it :)
Jasmine -  My boyfriend did this for me for my birthday!!..LOVED IT!!..BEST GIFT EVER!!..Will never forget it!....we since got a telescope an look at the stars and moon all the time! LOVE U JOEY!!
Jason - This was a GREAT buy and I'm so happy I did it!
Jason - I gave my husband a star for one of our Anniversaries. It was very cool! He enjoyed it!!!
Jaye - It was a unique gift for my father who always looked to the stars for inspiration
Jeanette - Made a great gift to my boyfriend he loved it!
Jeanne - Fun gift for my astronomer!
Jen - Wonderful and beautiful registry documents!
Jenet - I bought one for my daughter for her birthday and I just bought one for my son to celebrate his birth... What a great gift and I am sure when the children are older they will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed giving them.
Jenifer - Very nice.
Jennifer - Star gift was a hit and it was easy!
Jennifer - you guys are awesome! thanks for providing a wonderful, unique product for us to enjoy. you're the best!
Jennifer - I think our 8 year old will love it - it will be a gift from us for Xmas!
Jennifer - I have 5 of these... one for each of my children and one for my husband and myself... I need one more for our newest addition that just passed....
Jennwester - Great product and service.
Jenny - My two best friends and I share a star to always remind us that even though we may be hundreds of miles away from each other, we will always be connected!
Jerry - I did it when my ex-wife, the mother of my kids passed away so they could look up and know there is a star named after her. Also got two more kits for her parents and sister. Really cool kits.
Jervilyn - Loved this unique deal!!
Jessica - Fast shipping, got exactly what I was expecting.
Jessie - Great gift!
Joanne - It's a give to our Boy Scout council from the cub scouts Twilight camp. A one in a million gift
Jodi - Great detail and documents
John - Awesome deal! I bought three and plan to buy more!
John - This was a great gift for my grandson. I'm confident that it will continue to be a great gift over the years.
Jonathan - Excellent !!!
Jordan - "It was a gift for my boyfriend who absolutely LOVED it"
Josella - years ago my husband gave me the idea to name a star in memory of my brother & we gave it to my mom as a Christmas gift. She loved it.
Joseph - Very thorough and professional service....no worries
Josie - My youngest son gave me this for my birthday several years ago. It was an awesome gift.
Joy - Its a great gift idea and she loved it!!
Joy - Great gift...everyone loves it!!!!
Joy - My girlfriend loved it!
Judy - Imagine, your own B*Day Star! I can *see* her expression, what a visual!
Julia - The presentation was beautiful and I thought it was a great value for what I got. Awesome purchase!
Julianna - Was great. The certificate was beautiful. Great gift idea.
Julianna - Love it!
Julie - will make a wonderful gift,
Julie - Our oldest son is so much into stars, space, comets, and planets along with into weather. The price seems high but my son is worth it so I will think hard about buying one for him.
Julio - Great service!
Kara - I bought this for my best friend/sister and she cried because she had aleays wanted one and I knew it but it was just so expensive so this deal was perfect and i was able to get her what she had always dreamed about having.
Karen - The Family Star is a hit !
Karen - Great idea for my boyfriend who is a planet/ star freak. He loved it!!
Karen - Thank you - our almost 24 year old son will love this.
Karen - Makes a great gift for someone who has everything!
Karen - I have one for my Dad!!
Karen - I received one as a gift last year. Such a clever present.
Kari - It was a neat gift
Karyn -  this is certainly an awesomely unique gift! just named a star for someone very special...hopefully they'll luv it!
Kassi - It was a great gift for one of my friends.
Katherine -  I purchased a star for a great friend of mine that is extremely difficult to buy for. It was his favorite gift because he knew that it came from my whole heart.
Kathy - We bought one and named it after my mom in her memory..it's a way she can always be with us
Kathy - We named a star for my stepdad, who is definitely "one of the good guys." What a cool way to say our love for him is endless.
Katie - Very nicely done.
Katreina -  this is my Favorite birthday [email protected] i have 1 so far in my full legal name Katreina Evaline Lee & i'm going to get 1 for other names as well Katreina.com because i love [email protected]
Katy - Very easy process. Would definitely do again if I needed them. Would recommend to others!
Kay -  I love them! I have named 4 of them. 1 Masters Grad gift 2 Wedding gift 3 Christmas gift 4 granddaughters birth
Kelly -  My daughter Michaela is 2 and her grandfathers birthday is coming up on 4/26. To make a long story short she is named after him, his name is Michael, he was diagnosed with two different types of cancer 9 years ago. He was not supposed to make it more than 6 months, I firmly believe he stuck around to see her born. His time is drawin...
Kelly -  I did one for my granddaughter, daughter, a fiancé that passed, my current fiancé, and my mom and dad.
Kelly - my boyfriend brought me a star and named it "K&J forever"
Kerry - "I bought two Stars
Both -
Kevin - Very easy to use and very happy with the speed and quality! Ill be a repeat customer!
Kim - This makes a great gift for anyone! I gave three (to my boyfriend and his two kids). I placed them all in the same constellation so they will always "be together"!!!
Kim - absolutely awesome. best gift i ever gave someone
Kim - My wife bought me a star.....I can look up.....and know I am out there among the stars
Kim - Purchased for my dad for his birthday. He called to tell me it was THE BEST gift her ever got. He even called my sister to tell her that I was the favorite daughter because of the gift!! Thanks!!!!
Kimberley - Unique gift. He liked it!
Kirin - "I purchased this for my boyfriend and labeled it for the date of our first kiss. he asked me to marry him the morning before i gave it to him!! thank you for giving us a memory that will last us a lifetime. this is now framed on the wall in our house and the star date will be our wedding date."
Kris - We gave one to my Dad cool gifts
Kris -  I gave my husband a star for our 35th anniversary
Kristen - I received the document in a couple days. It was very nicely done.
Kristen - Great service and product.
Kristen - Beautiful certificates and very fast shipping.
Kristi - A rare positive merchant experience. This one was good.
Kristi -  I just named a star after my father who will be 80 on the 26th of May 2010. I think he will really like the concept... :-)
Kristin - Beyond pleased with the ISR 16X12 poster
Kurt - Came quickly, everything spelled correctly. Pretty cool.
LadyM - Perfect and up to the promise :-)
Lara - My husband loved it!
Laura - "Very impressive display of celestial concept. I spoke to a representative from the company Who was very informative and polite. Thank You"
Laura - Love this
Lauren - I have a star!!!!!! Ophiuchus RA 15hlm 1sd 12* 51 ;)
Lauren - Gif t for my dad! The certificate was gorgeous and looked great in a frame for a gift.
Laurene - Amazing presentation of star registry certificate! I have recommended it to many friends.
Leslie - Loved it!
Leslie - Made a great gift.
Leticia - I really love that one star out there have my name =D Is awesome!
Libby - The product they provided is very nice - enjoyed the experience!
Lina - Loved it! Wish I bought more! Was pleasantly surprised at the fast shipping and the entire presentation of the product!! I give it 5 stars! Will buy from again! Keep it up!
Linda - efficient, product looks great
Linda - Very nice product. Professional looking and easy to understand.
Linda - Made a cool wedding gift!
Lisa - Wonderful gift!
Lisa - It was purchased for a gift and was received very well...
Lisa - Easy to order. Product was very nice. We ordered a frame for one of the stars that we named - it was very nice.
London - Thank you for the gift that is just frankly amazing.
Lora -  have one for my daughter that past 21 years ago
Lori - easy to order, very quick shipping, beautiful unique gift!
Lori - just ordered a "star" for my parents' 50 year anniversary!
Lou - very organized and easy to order. quick mail response
Lucette - Very cool, a one of kind gift for someone.
Lynell - Amazing , would love to get this deal again and again!
Lynette - Bought it for my son and daughter-in-law who lost a daughter four years ago. It was a Christmas gift and was very meaningful to them. They loved it. Perfect. Thank you.
Lynne - Very interesting gift ideal. And I love the fact it came with so much detail about an actual star, it's location, etc. Really fun idea!
Lynne - We used this as a wonderful, unique gift for a friend's newborn baby. The parents were delighted!
Lysa - This was a gift for my husband and I named it after his company.
Maaike - my daughter loves her shining star
Madeline - I bought it for my husband as a gift and he loved it. e have the certificate framed and is a conversational piece
Marcia - we love what they sent us!
Marian - Just as advertise, easy to do,
Marie - It was very easy to place this order. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The star packet came very quickly after we filled out the information. The packet itself had detailed materiel about the star and its location in the sky.
Marielys - It was a cool gift
Mark - I got my wife, Carol a star for her birthday. She thought it was so cool to have a star named after her!
Mary - Very quick delivery. Nice certificate that can be framed. A real nice gift for an astronomy nerd.
Mary - The kids thought it was great - nice way to welcome new family member!!
Mary -  I gave my husband a star to mark our anniversary in 2008. It was great to find something so unique.
Mary - Granddaughters LOVED getting their own stars. Thanks.
Marycharles -  I am going to name a star for my most awesome granddaughter---Olivia! And I hope that she always "shines" as brightly as she does now...
MaryKatherine - So fun!
Matt - I bought a star for my wife as a gift for our 1st wedding anniversary. I was forward deployed to Iraq and was not able to be home with her to celebrate. She cried tears of joy that I got her a star, (I remembered she mentioned it on the phone one time long before we were married).
Mauricio - It made the person smile from ear to ear. Not to mention I got the biggest hug and kiss for it. Tears of joy and happiness. Kudos to you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Megan - What an everlasting gift! It brought my daughter comfort to know there was a light in the dark sky to help guide her through the dark times. She thanks her sister and dad.
Melanie - This made an awesome Valentine's Day gift for my guy, who's a total space nerd.
Melinda - The recipient loved it! The chart was awesome. Thank you!
Melinda - this was a great investment, and the certificate is beautiful
Melissa - Great price for a cool thing.
Melissa - Awesome deal and my mom loved it for mother's day. Thanks International Star Registry!
Michael - No. It's a cool and personal thing to share with people.
Michael - it was cute and retro...loved it even it not really real...
Michael - great service great price
Michael - grand kids love it
Michelle - perfect timing for a special birthday gift. i have used International Star Registry before, but i had forgotten about them and wouldn't have bought from them except that i saw this livingsocial. perfect service and happy to buy from them again!
Michelle - My daughter can't stop talking about her star :)
Milton - A very unique gift which I have given several friend..the sky is filled with smiles:)
Missi - Easy to order and beautiful results!
Molly - I dedicated s very rare, extremely special star to my soul mate* I only hope he* found it, it's out there in the galexy, and it does igsist.
Monica - Great price! Perfect gift for someone who has practically everything they want!
Monique - Awesome .... My family loved them. Customer Service girls were AWESOME!!!!!!!! will definitely recommend to everyone.
Myles - Awesome novelty item! I was actually able to find my star too using a telescope!
Myrna - It was an unusual gift for someone who has everything and she loved it!
Nadine - Bought this for my husband and he loved it, thought it was one of the coolest gifts ever! I would recommend getting it with the frame though as it's an odd size and difficult to frame if not custom made.
Nancy - LOVE IT
Nancy - I was very impressed with the shipping speed and the quality of the package materials.
Nancy - I am so excited to have a star named after my Grandson. :-)
Narda - I first bought a star in 1993 for my godmother who had nearly everything, but the star made such an impression that we went to the planetarium to see just where her star was. I gave her a gift that was eternal. I now give them to very special people.
Neil - Star Registry was very helpful with the process on the phone as the website was a nightmare. It is great that such a sweet gesture is available to star gazers and romantics alike.
Nikki - My son got one for Christmas - he was very excited.
Omar - Better quality than expected. The certificate was larger than I thought.
Paige - easy process, quick turnaround, nice presentation. the kids loved the certificates and the idea of their own star.
Pamela - I named a star for my very dear friend's 50th birthday, for her son and daughtet-in-law on their 'surprise' wedding. Also for my granddaughter's first Christmas, and my grandson's Christening. What a wonderful way to acknowledge the special people in your life.
Pamela - gave one to my son! it is a great gift! love that it comes with the constellation map of where your star is located!
Pat - I liked this because the web site had a lot of my questions answered. They are forthright and explain that this is not a real star naming but more of a memory and thing to share with your family if you want to. I bought three and they all enjoyed them. Thank you
Pat - I have given several stars to friends and family. They love them
Patricia - First time dealing with this company. Impressed with fast delivery of the certificate! Great service, product and company. The recipient of the star certificate loved it!
Patricia - I AM VERY PLEASED with my purchase.
Patricia - Easy execution
Patrick - When I gave it to my wife she cried. Great product.
Paul - People light up when you give a Star Registry certificate. They've heard about it but haven't bothered to go out and get one. They're fun to give!
Paula - My autistic grandson loves it.
Pauline -  I love my star
Pearl - It arrived right on Valentines Day...yippie
Phyllis - With Valentine's day coming up, I thought of naming a star for my husband, rather than the same old thing every year. He just bought a telescope recently and I thought this would be a Great Valentine's gift for him. It's sooo unique!
Pinkie - Between the kids and myself, we have 5!
PJ - I gave a star to my dad last year for his birthday... he said it was the best gift ever in his 76 years on earth!
Rachel - Easy to work with. Web site was easy to use and follow. Certificate shipped early. Customer service was outstanding. A+. A great business. And such a fun thing to buy and give someone. I'd do it again. More please!
Rachel - It was a great Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend! Thank you!
Rachel - This makes a great gift for the person who has everything or just when you wish to commemorate a special date or occassion.
Raeshel - I just received a star from my husband it completely caught me by surprise. We always said that if the other one was away we could look up at a star and know the other was looking at it as well. Now it is really true that we both will be looking at the same star at night, its so romantic.
Rahul - good
Randi -  I just named a star for my Granny (that passed away years ago) and is going to give my grandfather the certificate and coordinates on his birthday coming up at the end of March. Can't wait!
Randy -  I gave my wife a star for her 50th and she still hasn't gone to see it yet.
Rebecca - The certificate is beautiful and nice quality. Looks great framed. Came quickly & safely packaged.
Rene - The certificate was beautiful.
Ricci - absolutely excellent, our star was posted online quickly and we received our paperwork quickly. It is beautifully written and presented. Thank you so much for this service
Rich - Awesome.
Richard - I am very happy to have this gift. I enjoy purchasing this each and every time I can. When this is given to a person as a gift, their eyes light up and you can almost see what they are thinking. WOW--I Am up there in the sky--FOREVER!! It puts a smile on my face. Very unique gift.
Robert - it was fun.
Robert - These are great gifts!!!
Roberto - My kids absolutely love it!! They were blown away. I show them on google sky every once in a while where the star is.
Robin - very timely with their delivery of my order.
RonDog - Great deal and so different for a gift!
Ronit - Very pleased. Thank you.
RoxAnn - I was totally satisfied and will shop here with no trepidations1
Ruth - Great quick service, loved the certificate
Samantha - My boyfriend got me a star and named it, "Samantha's soul star." Sweetest gift ever.
Sandi -  I have ordered several stars, as well as packages. The recipient is always so surprised and delighted when they receive a star.
Sandi -  I bought a star for my son Scott when he was around 12, and Thrilled that I can buy one for my grandson Thomas now! We are also buying one for my husbands grandaghters. Anyone who is debating or is trying to the the perfect gift, this is it!
Sandra - Amazing
Sandra - I named a star for my husband and I for our 10 year anniversary. i THINK IT'S SUCH A COOL GIFT.
Sarah - I can't think of a better gift than this! The price was unbelievable! The certificate is also really beautiful.
Sarah - Awesome momento for someone!! Fast service! Highly recommend!
Sarah - have them for my husband, son, and grammie.
Scott - Very good and fast as well
Sean - ISR, please have a promotion for couples. I would really like to make a dedication of the everlasting love I share with my wife. Thank you.
Shae - Excellent service! Easy to use website. Fast delivery!
Shannon - Everything's counted for as supposed and I'm elated upon the receiving this product! Couldn't wait to present it as part of graduation gift for my daughter.
Shari - Great company! I love the certificate they sent to me and how they show the star is now in your name! This is a great gift to anyone of any age! I love it and will purchase from them again soon!
Shari - very cool!!
Sharon - This is the best gift you could ever give someone. I got one for my brand new grandson for Christmas. My b/f thought it was so cool that I got him one for Valentine's Day. It's easy, looks great, fast service and they give you a link to share w/ your certificate.
Sharon - what a great gift idea
Sharon - Love the idea.
Sharon - I got this for my granddaughter..Never would have thought of it if I hadn't seen it ..What a great idea and I will be back to get even more..It's a lifetime gift...
Sharon - "Our 8 yr old budding astronomer LOVED it Thank you.."
Sharon - Love the whole idea of this...it was for a wedding gift. Sure they will love it!
Shawna - Quick shipping
Shayna - This was a gift for my best friend. She LOVED it!
Sheila - Granddaughter was thrilled to have a star named after her! Great Christmas present.
Shelli -  I did this for my parents anniversary last year. They LOVED it!!
Shelly - I did this for my parents anniversary a few years ago. They loved it!
Shelly - I had gotten a star in 1986. It was a wonderful gift, Now I want to get one for my son. it is something that will last forever, at least the certificate will. lol
Sherry - a gift to give the person who has everything
Sherry-lynn -  I did this for my baby girl. I think it's a wonderful idea and it gives something neat for her to look back on.
Shida - Love it. It is making the perfect christmas present. Just wish the certificate were smaller for framing purposes.
Shirley - It is an amazing gift and the people are great to work with.
Shirley - Very interesting gift.
Shirley - Widh I had bought more, it is a great item
Sonia - I was given a star last year for my birthday. It was an awesome gift to receive.
Sonny - A great gift.
Stacy - fash shipping and a smooth transaction overall.
Stephanie - Very quick. Fun thing to do for someone.
Stephanie - Loved it!!!!
Stephen - Very nice package. My grandson loved the gift and it was well worth the price.
Steve - It was a great Christmas gift!
Steve - Gave a star to my grandson on the day he was born....
Susan - Makes a great gift!
Susan - One person had his framed and is beautiful.
Susan - Named a star after a couple getting married. Gave it as a wedding gift.
Susanne - Fast and easy!
Suzanne - Great deal!!!
Suzanne - I gave my new granddaughter, Sabrina a star last year for her first Christmas and she gave one (through her parents) to her cousin Shelby so their stars' would be close together in the sky. I think it was a wonderful and unique gift. My daughter plans on buying one for herself and her husband near the girls.
Svetlana - This was the perfect present to give or receive!
t - Just thanks
Tabitha - I think these are one of the most romantic gifts ever
Tammie - I had bought a star for Brandon shortly after he died..I received two beautiful framed pictures..one of the constellation showing where his star was and one with his name, the date his star was named (Brandon Wesley Sgaggero) and the coordinates of the star. I also got a wallet-sized card with the coordinates and a post card of the constellation..I was sooo impressed.
Tammy - Had it framed, looks great!!!
Tara - this was one of the best gifts I have ever given my husband!!!!
Tawny - i love my shining star.. my grama bought it for me
Terra - I bought a star for one of dear friends last year for Valentine's Day. She lost her son, who was 12 years old, in a fire and I named it after him. She absolutely loved it. I just wanted to let her know that even though he was not here with her that he would always be looking down upon her.
Theresa - Easy to order. Received star information super quick. Excellent quality!
Theresa - Awesome experience and gifts!
Thomas - Awesome gift to my daughter!
Tiffany - My mother has given each of us a star for our graduation gifts... me, my brothers, my cousins....
Timea -  I have One , was a present only for me i am proud of it and i live!!!
Tina - Used as gifts! They loved them.
Tina - Used as Christmas gifts. They loved them.
Tom - brilliant !!! gave it to my daughter
Traci - Very positive experiences with all 3 purchases!!!!
Tracy -  My sweetie order me a Star for my birthday. I love astrology so this was the most thoughtful gift I have ever recieved!! Im so proud to have a star name after me!! I am really shining bright now!! ;-)
US - I gave my daughter a star. Now I wish someone would give *me* one!
Valerie - the gift for the one who has everything.
Valerie - not only a gift for one its a gift for all ... for you and yours ... or yours and you.... fantastic gift belive that!!! check it out...
Valerie - I have done one for each of my grandchildren. Paul and Ali love them the most.
Vipul - Great certificate and nice as a gift.
Virginia - I want to buy another one. Help!
Wendy - Far more professional than expected. Impressive certificate, as well as, detailed scientific, astronomical information.
Whitney - Very easy to use! Order was processed and delievered right on time. Very unique and impressive gift. My boyfriend loved it!
YesGrey - Hey I'm a fan of Star Registry just for you my shining star...
Yting - very fast, straightforward, and easy, and my gift recipients really enjoyed their "stars". Thanks!
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