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Couple's Star Group

How can two stars so far away make two people so close? Since 1979 International Star Registry has been offering the gift to name the stars and is now offering your chance to name two stars in honor of your favorite couple. Couple’s Stars are available for couples, loved ones and family members. Two stars from the same solar system. Residing in the sky. Together forever.

Mommy and Me Stars

The best presents for Mother’s Day or mom’s birthday are International Star Registry’s Mommy and Me Stars. A set of Couple’s Stars named after Mom and her son or daughter. Two stars in the same solar system to be together forever.

Surprise a happy mommy and her newborn! Or when the children are growing up the mother needs some affection. Mothers and their offspring share a special bond. We all know that there is no one in the world that mom loves more than her child.

Mommy and Me stars are a gift for both the mother and her child and this set of Couple's Stars are the present that will last their entire lives.

Each Mommy and Me Star can be ordered online or by telephone 1-800-282-3333 with an overnight delivery option.

This Star Gift Kit comes with two breathtaking, personalized certificates and two sky charts containing mom and the child’s names along with the date of the constellation and the location circled in red where their stars reside in the sky.

Mothers are widely known as the most selfless people in the world, sacrificing everything including sleep for their children. On those sleepless nights, Mommy and Me Stars will show your appreciation for mom’s hard work. Mom will fall in love with this gift because no matter where her child is in the world, every night, she can look up into the night’s sky and see her and her child’s star close together.
  • Couple’s Stars are the life touching gift including: Wedding Stars and Anniversary Stars -- a gift from people in a relationship or friends and families of the special couple; regular Couple’s Stars – Valentines Day, holidays, and just to show your affection;
  • Grandparents Stars -- to thank grandma and grandpa for everything they do;
  • Mommy and Me Stars -- show how much you love the first lady in your life; And finally, Dad and Me Stars -- name a star after dad and his child for Father’s Day and dad’s birthday.
  • Each Couple’s Star Gift Kit includes two beautiful 12" x 16" parchment certificates, available framed or unframed, with the star names, dedication date, and telescopic coordinates of the stars. The gift also includes an informative booklet with charts of the constellations plus two larger, more detailed charts with the star you names encircled in red. Place the best couples above the rest. Couple’s Stars…to make the greatest couples in the world shine.
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